Terms & Policies


The goal of this program is to teach you how to lose weight and guide you through the process of learning and implementing strategies that will get you to your desired weight.

The amount and rate of weight loss will vary among individuals. There are no guarantees to the specific amount you might lose.

Your personalized plan depends on understanding your medical history so please do your best to complete the medical questionnaire fully.

We do not sell shakes, nutritional products, or supplements. If a nutrient deficiency is thought to be negatively impacting your weight loss then a supplement might be recommended.

We are not treating any condition other than obesity. Fortunately, treating obesity often leads to improvements in other health conditions. Losing weight also often means that changes in prescription medicines need to be made.

Any changes in medicines will need to be adjusted by your prescribing physician. We may  try to coordinate care and make recommendations to your physicians if it is impacting your ability to lose weight.