Learn the Science, Lose the Weight


Weightloss207 provides Maine residents an educational coaching program to implement scientifically based lifestyle interventions that lead to sustained weight loss.

Community is an essential part of health. A strong support network is vital for success when an individual is embarking on a new health journey. We are committed to providing a foundation of skills and a positive support network to all who wish to lose weight and take charge of their health.

A healthy and vibrant population lies at the core of a strong economy and inviting community. Maine has the highest rate of obesity in all of New England with 30% of people being obese and 63% being overweight. These numbers continue to rise. Obesity and the associated sequela have lead to soaring medical costs for individuals, their employers, and the state. Central Maine remains underserved when it comes to obesity medicine, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Primary care doctors are overburdened by high patient loads and low reimbursement.

Obesity is accompanied by many chronic diseases that are preventable through lifestyle changes. By providing a simple, effective path to sustained weight loss, our program helps clients lead a better, healthier life. We educate and support clients to implement and sustain effective healthy strategies such as:

  • Time-restricted feeding (TRF)

  • Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diets and Ketogenic diets

  • Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

  • Sleep optimization

  • Stress reduction

We feel strongly that health can be and should be affordable.

Weightloss207 is a compliment to a client's already established primary care and promotes a functional approach to health.

We do not endorse or sell any medications or products.