New member of the weightloss207 team!

We are so excited to welcome Dr. Emory Liscord to the team! She is now on-boarding new clients. Space is VERY limited so reach out now to schedule your life change today!

Emory Liscord, M.D.

Dr Liscord is double board certified in Emergency Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and completed residency at Boston Medical Center. After several years practicing in the emergency department Dr Liscord became acutely aware that most of disease she was treating in the ER was 100 percent preventable by evidence based lifestyle intervention. In addition to practicing emergency medicine Dr. Liscord is also a clinical professor at the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine. Some specific interests include the role of epigenetic in disease prevention and treatment. Dr Liscord’s philosophy is that when people understand the physiologic consequences behind their lifestyle choices they are more likely to be motivated to implement change.

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