What should I bring? What should I leave behind?

“Check your ego at the door.”

We’ve been told this so many times in your life but have you stopped to think about it? We all have egos. You can not separate yourself from it. Maybe you shouldn’t be checking it at the door. Maybe you should bring it with you and reshape it.

We can’t just leave behind parts of who we are when we are trying to change the direction and course of our lives. We have to embrace all that we are (the good, the bad, and the ugly) that has brought us to this moment. It’s not easy and it’s not always OK. Does that mean we should give up and stop? What is the hardest part of changing your life? What should we bring with us?

The hard part if the first step.

The hard part is the second step. The fifth step…. The ten thousandth step.
The hard part is doing it without judgement.
The hard part is committing to the process.
The hard part is sticking to the process.
The hard part is beating ourselves up when failure rears its’ ugly head.

The hard part is getting up when we’ve stumbled

The hard part is talking to our friends and loved ones about ‘this crazy thing called being healthy’.

The hard part is not having the thing that controlled our bad habits.

The hard part is giving up those things.

The hard part is believing we deserve to be healthy.
The hard part is not listening to the haters.

The hard part is controlling this moment.

The hard part is controlling the next moment.

The hard part is looking my kids in the eye and telling them I can do it.
The hard part is looking myself in the eye to convince myself I CAN do it.

The hard part is facing the music when I don’t do it.

The hard part is going to the gym when I don’t want to.

The hard part is not becoming overwhelmed and giving up.

The hard part is starting over…. again…. and again….. and again, forever.

The hardest part is all of it.

We are making history. Right now, every single second of the day whether we want to or not we are making a record of what we will leave behind. We are not always in control of the circumstances that have brought us the moment that we are in but, we do have the freedom to choose in each moment. We have the freedom to make a choice. Some of those choices are harder than others. But… we also have the responsibility of leaving to those that come after us with a record of what we have done, what we have tried to do with the brief amount of time that has been given to us.

Bring it all with you.

Bring your successes.

Bring your failures.

Bring what you have learned so that others can learn from your experience.

Bring all your fears.

Bring all your love.

Change only happens when your commit all of yourself.

Bring it all.

Peter SpiegelComment